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Many conditions, including but not limited to prematurity, congenital abnormalities, Down syndrome,  cerebral palsy, autism, hearing loss and developmental delays, can impact speech and language development. Our primary goal when treating infants, toddlers and children at Montclair Speech Therapy is to educate, train and empower the families of our patients to maximize growth and development in feeding, language and speech. We recognize that success relies on family and patient participation.  Our sessions always incorporate unique games, developmental toys, and other age-appropriate tools to help us achieve results and keep youngsters looking forward to sessions.

Methods & Techniques

  • Swallowing Therapy

    For articulation issues, we utilize PROMPT, OPT and a variety of multi-sensory approaches to promote accurate productions.

  • Speech Therapy

    Language-based challenges are often approached through play as well as focusing on spoken and written language to improve precision and yield comprehension.

  • Apraxia

    In severe cases, we teach children to use devices that facilitate communication through technology and other assistive tools.

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Insurances We Accept

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