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For adults suffering from strokes, dementia, head injuries and diseases that impact cognition, behavior, swallowing and problem solving, therapy focuses on effective communication skills in the context of an actual environment. A variety of illnesses, disease and injury can affect an individual’s ability to perform previously mastered skills in the areas of speech, language, cognition and swallowing.  At Montclair Speech Therapy, we appreciate this and create treatment plans to restore function that allows individuals to resume participating in all of the activities of daily living.  Therapy is always tailored to the patient’s needs and utilizes functional materials that generate optimal recovery.

Methods & Techniques

  • Swallowing Therapy

    For articulation issues, we utilize PROMPT, OPT, and a variety of multi-sensory approaches to promote accurate productions.

  • Speech Therapy

    Treatment for language-based challenges focuses on spoken and written language to improve precision and yield comprehension.

  • Apraxia

    In severe cases, we teach individuals to use devices that facilitate communication through technology and other assistive tools.

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Insurances We Accept

  • Aetna
  • Cigna